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Does it make a difference which additives are used in my oil?

The age-old question of final users has been, does it matter which additives are used in my oil? The quick answer is yes, it absolutely does matter.

You see, additives are designed in a way to deliver specific benefits. Additive design is a zero sum game, because adding certain chemicals usually involves removing others, to ensure the final blend is chemically stable. In other words, if you want your product to have 5 years or more of shelf life, you need to choose very carefully which chemicals you use in your additive packages, how much of each you use, and how you blend these together. Its more an art, than a dry process of mixing.

Eurotec blends and packages its own additives. The company also supplies additives from a number of European giants and international leaders. We make our own packages to deliver the specific needs of certain customers. In jobs where specific OEM requirements need to be met we use additives produced by internationally reputed companies. In both cases, our primary concern and focus is to deliver and exceed the quality expectation by our customers.

Using additives which are unfit to meet OEM specifications and industry trends almost always create problems for the user down the line. These problems may not be immediately felt, instead they show themselves over time and tend to get worse as time progresses.

Today Eurotec has the capacity to produce additives which meet and exceed C3, C4, C5 specifications. The company produces and uses additives which meet and exceed the SP, SM specifications as well.

We are dedicated to excellence in production and blending. We take great pride in our additives and lubricants. We confidently recommend anyone to use, and test the product up and down before using.

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