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Lubricants used in renewables

Something which has been forgotten in recent years is that lubricants, despite being an oil and gas product, were initially designed as a product to ensure sustainability through longer exploitation periods for machinery. Lubricants in general are a very traditional industry, where practices, whether they pertain to manufacturing or marketing, are rarely changes.

Eurotec aims to incorporate as many innovative approaches to doing business as possible in a traditional industry. We value and support all levels of management in their endeavours to functionally innovate, and continue to do so in the years coming.

Part of our strategic innovation has been the development of certain lubricants which are used in the renewable energy industry. Through research and development, we have developed many industrial lubricants which can be used for the entire lifetime, yes, the entire lifetime of a piece of machinery!

We have the capacity to develop certain products which do not lose their performance characteristics, and which do not need to be drained. Of course these products are expensive, and not suitable for some customers. Nonetheless, we are applying other formulations which are economically viable and widely used.

One of these formulations is our brand new wind turbine oil. This lubricant is based on PAOs and a specific package of additives which allows it to be used for 5 years. In fact, when selling this product, we guarantee that it can be used for a minimum of 5 years. After all, our goal is to actually use the lubricant, and not throw it away.

This product has been developed in conjunction with our partners and service providers to suit their needs and machinery. We continue to develop our formulations, and intend to make an excellent blend which will be used in wind turbines for the year to come.

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