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Why should I use a synthetic oil for modern engine? Will semi-synthetic and mineral oils do the job?

In the last decades OEMs have made strides in modernising their engines to meet the demands surrounding the environment and fuel economy. This, coupled with more precise equipment for manufacturing moving machinery parts, has created more economical engines as well as engines with more precisely manufactured moving parts.

These moving parts are cut and designed using machinery which can cut and shape with the precision of 1/10th of a millimeter. These abilities are used by engine makers to deliver on their promises of lower fuel usage and therefore lower emissions.

Eurotec has been focused on delivering additives and lubricants on par or exceeding international standards. Knowing this trend in OEMs production process, Eurotec uses synthetic base oils which act ideally in lubricating hard to access points.

These hard to access points are usually known by their small dimensions and regular mineral or semi-synthetic oils cannot adequately access these points to provide lubrication. Even if the oil does access these points, under demanding conditions it is likely to sludge, and over time cause deposits.

If you want to keep your engine clean, you must opt for any oil which is fully synthetic. These oils protect their parameters under stressing conditions. They have a low viscosity and are less effected by changes in temperature, whether hot or cold. As such, they lead to a lesser deposits over time.

Synthetic lubricants also use a completely different package of additives, which in comparison to additives dissolved in semi-synthetic or mineral oils, have a more durable molecular structure. The additives packages of Eurotec are developed synthetically, and are designed to have a molecular structure which suits the exact needs of the application.

Bottom line is, use synthetic lubricants, and make sure they are enriched with synthetic additives in order to deliver the performance that you need.

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