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We all sell a product, but the deal is sweeter when complimented with useful services.

Since its inception, Eurotec as a brand and company, focuses on delivering key services for customers. 

These key services are designed in a way to help our distributors establish their business and remain in an advantageous market position.

These services also help the end user make the most of our products, and help the distributor offer an excellent all-round service.

Quality first

Our focus is and always has been quality. Regardless of the situation, this is one premise we never compromise on. It forms our reputation, and we encourage our customers to test our product up and down.

Customer support

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We offer professional users free access to our QCQA laboratory analyses and our R&D findings. We also encourage users to provide feedback through samples of used oil to allow us to perfect our formulas and deliver more effective products

Fair pricing principles

We do not mark up our products in a way that disadvantages our customers. We are fair in pricing, and always apply agreed formulas to price calculations. We treat our customers, like we treat ourselves. With respect.

Global delivery

For us, it does not matter where you are located. If you need our product, we will organise an economically viable way for you to procure it. Whether its logistics or local manufacturing, our team will do all that is necessary to supply you with Eurotec.

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"We are here to support you throughout your procurement journey and your distribution journey."


Marketing support

We are always happy to share our analyses of similar markets to present success stories and show our distributors a way to be successful or more successful on their market. Our marketing support includes free merchandise. We also provide free visuals and sometimes printed adverts which our customers can display to educate their audience about the benefits of using Eurotec. If you need support in this regard, just ask us.

Free lab analyses

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If we agree to a feedback mechanism in which you mail us your used oil, we will analyse it. We will send you the results of analyses so that you can see where the product needs to be propped up. Of course, we will use these analyses for future formulations. Our interest in the endeavour is that through feedback mechanisms we gain data on our used products, and develop excellent products in the future which deliver more benefit to the customer.

Support with logistics and customs

Moving a container of goods can be a daunting task for some. We understand that not every customer wants to deal with logistics. This is why our logistics team offers route-planning and delivery at cost or lower than competition. At a small premium we can also organise customs procedures. If you are unwilling to pay the premium, we will provide documents and support to ensure the smooth transit of your goods and easy declaration at customs. We have a number of support mechanisms you can take advantage of. Our logistics team can support you in this regard.

Digital support

Are you selling online? Do you need help creating a website to sell our products on you market? If you do our digital team is here to help with templates, successful designs and ready online stores. Some things are paid and some are free. In any case, we encourage you to take advantage of this service and make the most of digital, whether it be social media or e-commerce, when managing your distribution business.

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